Banned4Life at DRIP Orlando

DRIP is part rock concert, part performance art and part dive bar. It’s a new entertainment experience unlike any other in Orlando.DRIP will “go Red” for a night for Banned4Life! Drink red beer while marking yourselves with red paint! $10 of every ticket sold goes to Banned4Life!DRIP combines live music and dancers who utilize different media – sand, paint, water and a few surprises – in an up-close, gritty, in-your-face setting. It’s wet and sexy, fun; no one under 21 will be admitted. Prepare to be amazed as dancers perform with raining liquid and sand, creating an all-new definition of “splash zone.”

Bar with drinks and cocktail tables, t-shirt cutting and paint station.Show
Live band, dancers who perform in paint, flying water, sand and beer. It is a standing room (similar to a rock concert) with performances happening in front of you, behind you, and inbetween you. The show time listed is an estimated start time and may vary.Post Show
Meet the cast, dance, hang out in the bar and additional t-shirt cutting.

Revision of FDA Blood Donation Policy

This petition is in support of the revision of the FDA’s current blood deferral policy that makes men who have sex with men (MSM) BANNED4LIFE. This policy was put in place because it considers MSM “High-Risk” for contracting HIV/AIDS.

This outdated 1983 policy needs to be re-looked and compared with the modern blood screening methods that are currently in place.

The policy turns away potentially good donors with no regard to their sexual behaviors. It is time for the FDA to consider sexual behaviors instead of sexual identity or sexual orientation when identifying individuals as “High-Risk.”