Online Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Technology has changed ways in which consumers choose and buy insurance. 70% of consumers today research about insurance agents and services online. As an insurance agent, it is the best time to make your services known to your potential consumers through all online platform they spend their time.

Insurance policyholders use search engines like google to search for insurance. Here they will judge your credibility with your website presentation and reviews. They expect to manage their accounts online and have personalized communication.

As most policyholders prefer using online platforms to communicate with their insurance agents. Your website should make the first impression by being highly optimized for search engines, secure, mobile-friendly and fast. It should also act as their advisor, virtual sales representative and a 24/7 caretaker. It allows your website to get more sales and traffic.


Online marketing tips for insurance agents

i. Digital competitive analysis

When planning for your online marketing strategy, this is the first step you should take. With the online marketing perspective, an excellent digital competitive analysis will recognize your agency’s weaknesses, strengths, opportunities and threats. The report should also provide specific measures to help get rid of the gaps and be ahead of your competitors.


Email marketing campaigns

The easiest and cost-effective way to grow your insurance agency. A fantastic online marketing way to get new policyholders and referrals from former consumers.


iii. Content marketing

Create and distribute engaging, valuable and relevant content like insurance blog posts, e-books and email newsletters. It helps you to acquire and attract more policyholders and also a way to engage with your existing ones.


Website design and development

The first attraction place for your consumers is your website. They visit it frequently to have credibility and engage with your company. You should design and develop it to be mobile-friendly and compliant.


Social media marketing

Spend most of your time in the online platform as it is the best place as an insurance agent to market your services. Most people spend 30% of their time on social media sites and have social profiles. Use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as your social media marketing campaigns


Search engine optimization

To get more qualified traffic, sales and leads to new consumers, make the online experience in the search engine reliable. Grow a long term authority with search engine optimization.


vii. Referrals

It might feel odd doing this, but it is an excellent opportunity to land more and potential policyholders. Ask your satisfied clients for referrals. They may be happy to pass your information to others if you ask them. Take the chance and do it. Do not miss the opportunity to get referrals because of your fears. You can create bonus programs like giving small gifts to referrals who end up being customers.


The above are the fundamental and practical ways to invest in online marketing for an insurance agent. It is the best way to get more leads, traffic and sales. Take advantage of the advanced analytics, which helps give you personalized marketing experience as well as offer consumers customized and real-time product recommendations.